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Clif Bar & Co.

Wrote test-market concepts, new product labels, and collateral for this California-based food and beverage innovator. When Clif introduced Luna Tea Cakes, made with The Republic of Tea, wrote label copy for each of three flavors. In addition, created a dozen "Luna Moments" — positive, nurturing statements printed inside each tea cake package.

Sample copy:

Vanilla Macadamia For Mood Balance

Just like you, LUNA Organic Tea Cakes have a purpose in this world. Rich in antioxidants and nutritious ingredients, each delectable bite does its part to promote balance, health and beauty from the inside out.

We invite you to savor a LUNA Moment of mood-balancing bliss with our Vanilla Macadamia Tea Cakes. Made with Red Tea from The Republic of Tea, they combine all the benefits of tea polyphenols, omega-3, joji berries, vitamin D and a balance of carbs, fat and fiber to diminish sugar highs and lows. Say hello to harmony.